Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Winter Wheat: Digging to Find Life

Farmer Fred is scouting fields for signs of Winter Wheat growth.
      Spring growth is not readily apparent in any of the fields that we checked.
  So Farmer Fred began scraping the surface trash aside.
Some fields had little to no green growth.
                       In others there were sprouts of Winter Wheat.
Research tells us that eight live plants per square foot are enough to produce a crop.
In many places we have that.
In some places there are many more plants than that.
Farmer Fred will not rush to judgment on the viability of the Winter Wheat crop for 2013. Some varieties that are not visible are reputed to be the most winter hardy. It may be that the plants are still dormant. Our Spring is very late. Field access and weather delays may make it difficult to get the entire crop into the ground before recommended planting deadlines. The Winter Wheat, planted last Fall, would be a real bonus this year.
So he will keep checking the progress and hoping for the Winter Wheat to awaken from its long winter nap in GriggsDakota.

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