Monday, May 6, 2013

The Moose Twins

Not clear enough to distinguish at first, this does not appear to be a farm animal.
Moose twins came for a recent visit. 
Moose are less common to see than they were ten to twenty years ago in our area, so this was fun. 
 I could not determine if they were hoping to travel by frozen waterway Northward only to find the edge of the ice had melted, or if the twins were just thirsty. 
The two moose frolicked around a bit before retreating. Moose are not like deer, which are shy and non confrontational. I am very wary of moose when walking. I once was driving west on a GreaterDakota highway. I could see the outline of a moose on the road from more than a mile away. He stood there, looking, as my car approached. It seemed as if he was considering a charge, but when my vehicle was very close, he turned and loped off the road. I sped away.
Away is a good place for moose, out of the yard in GriggsDakota.

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