Friday, May 3, 2013

The Joy of a City Band

 There is culture wherever you are, if you look to find it. Even in a booming oil town with a reputation for dirty pick up trucks and hard fast living, there is a city band. I took these photos during dress rehearsal, there was many more attending their Spring Concert that the one you see above.
Power On Kirsti responded to a newspaper ad by attending a band practice. Once a week she would practice with the band for a couple of hours preparing for this night. It helped to have this activity during our long cold Winter. It was an opportunity to meet other music lovers. 
She has always loved the trombone. I couldn't help but remember the little girl with her big trombone.
 She grew into it. 
She was never a soloist. She didn't play her trombone while attending college, but the love of music and the need for variety in her boom town life led her to the City Band. They accept all skill levels, but she was flattered when after a little practice, the other trombonists moved down to give her first chair. Experienced city band members appreciate a new member. 
There are really two groups in the Boomtown Band. A strings group and the band. The concert included band numbers, orchestra numbers and the combined group. Being part of the group is a commitment of time. Many people drive many miles to be part of this group. They brought in a couple of soloists that are professional musicians. Their playing seemed effortless and it seemed to lift the band itself to a higher level of performance.
It was an inspiring evening.
Her favorite part is that Power-On Kirsti now has someone to carry that heavy trombone case to the car after the concert. She dreamed about that when she was growing up in GriggsDakota.

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