Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tending the Apple Trees in GriggsDakota

Two years ago this month we planted apple and hazelnut trees. Learn more about by visiting One Apple and One Hazelnut
The hazelnuts trees are history and will need to be replanted. The apple trees are hanging in there. I decided that it was time to delve inside of the tubes for cleanup and pruning. As you can see on the photo above, the tubes were filled with dried leaves and grass. 
The new leaf buds were just beginning to swell late last week when the project took place. 
There were only tiny branches to clip off. I pounded the stakes down as firmly as I could with the hammer. Our prevailing Northwest wind causes everything to lean to the Southeast, unless it is very securely staked.
 There will be some leaning regardless of the stakes. The hope is to allow the tree to grow tall enough with protection from the tube so that the top of the tree cannot be nipped off. 
The apple trees need to be protected from animals, primarily deer, who enjoy the apple branches and bark. 
 I also took the opportunity to relabel the trees.
I added both labeled stakes and words to the tree tubes. That is in addition to the label near the ground. 
 If we ever harvest an apple from this orchard, we want to know which tree variety is tough enough to produce an apple in GriggsDakota.

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  1. We have the same problem with the deer and shielded them this past winter with the black drain pipe with holes in it. It kept the deer away but the mice made homes in the bottom of the pipe and ate the bark off of some of the trees killing them. We set out thirty last year and only have 1/2 living. We re-planted this spring and are trying to decide what to do about both the deer and the mice.