Thursday, May 23, 2013

Spring Turns Soggy

It is great to be a duck in GriggsDakota. There are puddles everywhere. 
Field work is in a rain delay. 
We are wet, but not drowning. 
 Our soil and sloughs can take the water we are getting if we get a few warm sunny days.
The calendar is closing in on us.  
If the Winter Wheat comes through, our farm is only about 50% planted. 
The rain allowed Farmer Fred time to do some yard work. He grew up with a lawn mowing business in his home town and enjoys the work. 
Did you notice the geese in the photo above? They are plentiful in the area. 
 Rain in our area was spotty, but ranged from 2.5-nearly 4 inches.
Farmer Fred checks the fields to see if any could be worked.  
He walks to a spot and digs or scrapes the surface away. 
He then grabs a clump of soil.
When the soil is squeezed, it forms a lump.
If the lump holds its shape when tossed down to the ground, we generally cannot bring equipment onto the land. If the clump is dry enough to break up on impact with the ground, it may be dry enough to work, especially if the sun is shining.
And we would like the sunshine to stay around for a few days.
We are into crunch time for seeding crops in GriggsDakota.

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