Friday, May 10, 2013

Seeding Starts 2013

 It is the first day of seeding in GriggsDakota. The CRP ground is seeded to corn.  The Spring rush will be rushed this year.
This ground worked up well and looks to be a fine seed bed for our corn. Farmer Fred prefers to plant short season varieties of corn. There is a better chance of finishing and dry down with the 79-82 day varieties of corn. Much of the land in GriggsDakota is too wet to work, but we hope that as we cover the lighter soil that has dried down, other fields will prove ready.
 Although we are well into May, there have been no heat units wasted, as there has been no heat. The grass in this pasture has barely begun to green. Our below average temperatures have been discouraging. Our nightly lows have been dropping into the thirties, but the sun has been shining every day.  Today there is a sense of accomplishment. A week ago it was hard to imagine that we could be seeding corn on the Ninth of May. 
Jake is seeding barley with our Concord Air Till Drill today on a nearby field. We are going to seed as fast as the ground will allow, until we run out of time. There are recommended windows for planting, established by scientists. We will not be foolish enough to ignore them, but if the weather continues to cooperate, there is a good chance we will be able to plant most of our acres.
 Today the land looks large and full of possibilities. 
 The wind blew in this downy feather, which, when it first caught my eye looked like snow. My attention wanders to birds and nests and all that Summer will bring.
Yes, that is really snow in the background, but cold and snow  are losing the battle . Hope for another season of crops bring smiles in GriggsDakota.

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