Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Most Winter Wheat - No Go

Although it would be foolish to ignore recommended plant dates for various crops, especially corn, we have decided to stretch the planting season just a bit. 
 About 70 percent of our Winter Wheat is not viable. We are digging it up and reseeding the ground if it is not too wet. We don't quite understand what went wrong, some fields are fine and other fields are not. We don't have time for analysis paralysis, we just take the advice of our faithful agronomist and keep moving.
 We will keep the planter and the drills going through this week. We will stop planting corn by the end of the month, whether we "finish" or not. Some of the ground is still too wet, so we will look at that and hope to plant soybeans into June on that ground.
It has been threatening to rain every day, but the threats have been empty in GriggsDakota. We have had very few heat units this Spring, so we assume Summer is simply tardy. 
Rain has improved optimism that there can be a crop in GriggsDakota, but we have to put the seed into the ground for that to happen.

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