Thursday, May 30, 2013

May, Can you Hear the Sigh of Relief?

When I look at the photo above, I am as contented as the cow. May has worked magic and Winter is truly gone. 
Remember how we started May? It was still very cold and mostly frozen. 
 The cattle were eating hay in the snow.
As the month moved along, the ground remained cold and the grass was slow to get started. 
The snow melted and we waited for warm weather. 
It hasn't been a warm May, but the rain worked some magic.  
The grass began to grow. 
May put us on the path to warmer weather. 
Snow melted first, then the ice. 
It made the ducks happy. 
And the geese, too. 
The calves can nearly hide in the grass as they sleep while their mothers graze the tender green. 
May brought a sigh of relief from all of us in GriggsDakota.

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