Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Lucky 2013 Season Begins

About half the people I know think that the number 13 is lucky, the rest think it is either unlucky or neutral.
Farmer Fred believes that the harder he works on the farm, the luckier he is. Whatever the truth, Farmer Fred felt lucky he found the CRP ground that was broken up last Fall fit to work. 
 And so the season began with our Salford RTS working former CRP ground that will be seeded to corn.
 There was dust in the air,
And snow drifts in the gullies. 
 This is the first day that Casey has driven a tractor over the field.  
Jake, who grew up in GriggsDakota, was just as excited to get going. 
 It felt like we were at high altitude, where the sun shine is nearby and the snow is slow to melt. This is the warmest day of the Spring, just slightly below average temperature and no wind.
The dust is not from the ground, but part of the breaking up of the surface trash. As this organic matter breaks down it nourishes the soil. 
Whether lucky or not, the season is off to an unusual start in GriggsDakota.


  1. Most fourth grade families think they started about 4-5 days ago in South Central, North Dakota. We lost our snow a week or two ago, and tractors have been running in the fields this week. It has been warmer here than in Griggs Dakota. We have a school-wide track meet today!
    Please write back.


    The Wishek Fourth Graders

  2. There is no such thing as luck.

  3. It has been very nice knowing that you are checking the blog in school each day. I hope you have all learned your lessons well this year. Have a fun filled Summer. I will be writing from GriggsDakota all Summer long. You may even see a photo of your teacher. Be careful and eat lots of healthy foods. You will grow in the sunshine just like the crops in GriggsDakota.