Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Barley, Welcome to the World

It feels a little like Christmas morning. 
Okay, although the weather is cool, it's not that cold here. 
It is the excitement of Christmas that I am referring to. 
The barley is up.
Barley has become a specialty crop, grown on contract to be used for malting beverages. 
Notice how the barley is growing in strips, rather than a single row.
Jake seeded the barley with a Concord Air Till Drill. To learn how this drill seeds using more of the soil surface, Click Here.
The growing season is often cool in GriggsDakota.  
Farmer Fred is relieved to have a crop growing and looking healthy. 
This has been a Spring without much promise, late and cold, with just flashes of the better weather we have been waiting for. 
Now we have had over two inches of rain and more in the forecast. The future of our season is uncertain.
It is reassuring that we have all of our barley planted and growing in GriggsDakota.

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