Thursday, May 16, 2013

AdFarm: Your Field is Ready

AdFarmers, this is what your field looks like without snow. 
There was corn on this ground last season. We have gone over it with the Wishek disc and the Salford RTS since the cows left in November last season.  To see the cattle on corn and barley stubble 
It is good to see a little water in the sloughs this Spring. Last year the sloughs were dry.
There are frogs singing love songs in the slough. It is a rite of Spring as they come out of the winter hibernation to breed. 
This yellow headed blackbird was singing for a mate as well. 
"Hey baby, did you know that I can do the splits?" 
I think that bad boy has found his lady friend. 
There's action, but no seeding yet, on the AdFarm farm in GriggsDakota.


  1. Such pretty pictures! Really captures the beauty of the Griggs Dakota right now.

  2. i remember redwings singing in the sloughs to each other.. it's a precious wakening from winter. thank you