Thursday, May 9, 2013

AdFarm Soybean Seed Delivered

The ground has firmed up just enough that seed can be delivered to GriggsDakota. It is a sure sign of Spring. 
This delivery came from ASGROW and will be planted on the AdFarm North Dakota Farm.
We have grown these soybeans for the last couple of years and have found they produce well . 
Germination rate is low. This is due in part to the drought we have been experiencing. It will cause us to increase our seeding rate. In other words, we will plant more seeds per acre to be sure the stand of soybean plants is adequate.   
The totes patiently wait on pallets until we are ready to add treatment prior to planting. The totes are designed to be handled by a loader with fork as they weigh about 3500 pounds each.
Farmer Fred and the crew will try to finish seeding our corn before we move on to soybean seeding. The AdFarm variety is ASGROW-AG0430. 
We are making final planting preparations in GriggsDakota.


  1. Wow, that's quite a warning label for a food product...

    1. It was a food product before it became a seed product. If we're successful growing this seed, it will be a food product again!