Friday, May 31, 2013

Summer, Please Come in June

 We have needed a fire to heat the house on most of the days in May. It has been unusually windy in a place that is generally windy. 
We are in another rain delay, but I am tired of the gray, drab photographs. 
Today we will see some from the loveliest day that 2013 has yet produced in GriggsDakota. 
I am impressed by the number of seeds a tree, even a scrubby little tree, can produce in the Spring. It's a good thing that they don't all grow or we would have no fields of  crops to cultivate.
It is good to remember that there is order in the world. This Spring has seemed so random, so unpredictable. 
 This week we stopped planting corn. Notice that I didn't say we finished. The rain has ensured that there will be no more corn or wheat planted this season.
We will continue to plant soybeans and will try to get some pinto beans planted, as well.  Weather will determine whether or not that happens.
This week, the tulips are finally showing some promise of bloom.
 One over achiever is already in bloom
The earliest lilacs are ready to open. 
We say a fond farewell to May and travel on to June with dreams of Summer in GriggsDakota.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

May, Can you Hear the Sigh of Relief?

When I look at the photo above, I am as contented as the cow. May has worked magic and Winter is truly gone. 
Remember how we started May? It was still very cold and mostly frozen. 
 The cattle were eating hay in the snow.
As the month moved along, the ground remained cold and the grass was slow to get started. 
The snow melted and we waited for warm weather. 
It hasn't been a warm May, but the rain worked some magic.  
The grass began to grow. 
May put us on the path to warmer weather. 
Snow melted first, then the ice. 
It made the ducks happy. 
And the geese, too. 
The calves can nearly hide in the grass as they sleep while their mothers graze the tender green. 
May brought a sigh of relief from all of us in GriggsDakota.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

This is Baby Corn

Have you ever seen baby corn? 
The kind that you are probably thinking of is served in Chinese dishes and sometimes on a salad bar. 
I went looking for baby corn and found it. The tiny corn plants are popping through the soil surface in the fields of GriggsDakota.
It is difficult to notice, unless you look closely at the photo above for a row of green.
There is corn with no cobs yet, not even baby cobs.
It looks strong and brave and ready to grow. 
 Corn is very fast growing. Often it is seven feet tall in less than two months.It needs heat and moisture to be successful.
There is baby corn growing in GriggsDakota.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Most Winter Wheat - No Go

Although it would be foolish to ignore recommended plant dates for various crops, especially corn, we have decided to stretch the planting season just a bit. 
 About 70 percent of our Winter Wheat is not viable. We are digging it up and reseeding the ground if it is not too wet. We don't quite understand what went wrong, some fields are fine and other fields are not. We don't have time for analysis paralysis, we just take the advice of our faithful agronomist and keep moving.
 We will keep the planter and the drills going through this week. We will stop planting corn by the end of the month, whether we "finish" or not. Some of the ground is still too wet, so we will look at that and hope to plant soybeans into June on that ground.
It has been threatening to rain every day, but the threats have been empty in GriggsDakota. We have had very few heat units this Spring, so we assume Summer is simply tardy. 
Rain has improved optimism that there can be a crop in GriggsDakota, but we have to put the seed into the ground for that to happen.

Friday, May 24, 2013

I Know Where the Key is Hidden

 My Grandma lives at the end of Main Street and I can go into her house whenever I want, because she showed me where Grandpa hides the key.
 The faces in the crowd are all friendly and familiar.
Every face I have ever seen in my life is in the crowd. 
 I am leading the band down the street. 
I have a baton in my right hand and I know how to twirl it, but I am shy and I don't do the routine.
When the band starts to play. 
 Every person ever to graduate from our high school has been invited back for a reunion.
I am a waitress, not yet a graduate. Today, I want to go to the reunion.
 I want to see a carnival, ready to set up on Main Street.
I want to cheer for the most beautiful queen that I have ever seen.  
 I want the parade to come back.
I want to hear Grandma and her friends laugh. 
I want her to stop waving, so I can see her smile. 
I want to participate, once more, 
in all the fun
of growing up here. 
Could our friends from McVille take off their masks, so we could see their faces?  
 I want to see everyone.
So we can all laugh together. 
I want to smell horses and hear the sounds of harnesses and wagons. 
 Could we load up the engines? 
And throw out some candy to the children?
Our own beloved place.
Blessed and blessing. 
If my friends could just sing one more song...
But the wagon train has moved on.
Happy Memorial Day.