Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Welcome to April Twenty-third

 The corn stubble is still holding snow and the afternoon high is freezing.
 It is a mostly cloudy day, but the rays from the sun are strong enough to penetrate the clouds.
 The snow around the black patches of exposed soil are melting. The wind is penetrating, as well, and cold.
The snow is far from melted. 
There is much talk about the farming season. It is all speculation, of course. Every farmer knows that there is no one who controls the weather. 
There are not green shoots growing anywhere. Not in the Winter Wheat fields, not in the pastures.
They must have eaten all the spill piles and lost grain in the fields by now. 
Some folks have turned their Christmas lights back on. They look cheerful and give others a laugh. We will try to remember this Spring with good humor.
 Spring is late. Just like last week and the week before, the forecast is for Spring weather next week in GriggsDakota.

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