Monday, April 8, 2013

Welcome Back Canada Geese

The sky is dotted with Canada Geese returning to GriggsDakota.
 Some are pairing up and planning to make their Summer home here.
Others seem to be just stopping by for a rest and a visit. 
 There are other birds around, too, like this hawk and several eagles. 
It is, after all April.  The geese are feeding in this field that was Winter Wheat last year. They seem to be finding shoots or sprouts. I hope it is enough to keep them all going for a while. 
After gleaning food from the fields, the geese fly.
They land on nearby lakes and sloughs for a swim. 
There is just the merest shine of water on the top of the ice, but it seems to be enough to satisfy the Canada geese who have found their way to GriggsDakota.

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