Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Slow Snow Melt means Moisture

 I have turned the calendars over to April and that makes it official in GriggsDakota.
We are glad to see that the corn stubble has held snow on the fields. 
The snow came late in the Winter and more has fallen now that it is Spring. 
 The Spring sun is warm and wherever a bit of our black soil shows, it warms the field and melts the snow.
That it particularly obvious in pinto bean stubble where there is water standing on a freezing, but sunny afternoon.
It looks like Spring in this spot where there was little stubble coverage and good exposure to the sun. 
When we have sunshine in April, we will have melting even with near record cold. 
Once a field is patchy, the sun can work magic on snow. 
Although there are areas of Greater Dakota that are preparing for major flooding, 
GriggsDakota is not expecting a flood this Spring.
 At least, not one caused by rapid snow melt.
There isn't enough snow. 
We are thankful that there was enough snow on the ground to provide moisture to seed into. 
Slowly the snow is melting here in GriggsDakota.

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