Friday, April 5, 2013

Now the Bins Are Empty

 Load limits have not been placed on the roads in GriggsDakota, so we hauled some soybeans this week.
 It is unusual for April to have the roads still frozen and able to carry loaded trucks because the deep Winter frost is still in place. That will end soon, as soon as it rains or the sun shines for a few days in a row.
When the annual USDA Planting Intentions Report came out in late March, it became clear to seed companies that they had more than enough soybean seed on hand. 
So they released what we were storing in our bin.  
Farmers, in some areas of the country are already seeding. Farmers are done with their plans for the 2013 crop and have their seed lined up. The soybean seed, which is actually owned by the seed company will be hauled to an area elevator and sold in their name.
 Casey, who was not raised on a farm is excited to learn how things are done. If you like big toys and are willing to work hard, a farm is a fine place. It is interesting for me to imagine this place through unfamiliar eyes. 
As the trucks hit the road, it is official. The 2012 crop has left GriggsDakota.

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