Tuesday, April 9, 2013

No Winter Wheat in GriggsDakota

 Farmer Fred has been scanning the fields for signs of Winter wheat emergence.
 So far, no signs of growth.
 Winter Wheat generally gives us our first sighting of green in GriggsDakota.
 One sign that there are no tender shoots of green is that there are no Canada geese on the field. They are back and finding tender green shoots to eat often leads the geese to our Winter Wheat fields in early Spring.
Last Spring there was an early green up, so it not a fair comparison to a normal year. I went back to early April of 2011 to find the photo above. Notice the green rows in the foreground of the picture, while the snow is still on the ground. Click here to visit the early April 2011 post.
We have no green in early April of 2013. 
Winter is still rockin' in GriggsDakota.

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