Friday, April 12, 2013

No Patience with Spring

 The Spring outdoors is cold and icy. We try to enjoy the Spring indoors. It is a  challenge to start seeds indoors. I especially like to start perennial plants from seed. I am not always successful, but if I can get a few established each year and they come back for the next few years, it is fun. So my porch starter pots have delphiniums, lupines, carnations, daisies and more emerging. i have planted coneflower seeds carefully, reading instructions and advice. So far, no green, but there is still hope.
Will we eat fresh tomatoes on our sandwiches during harvest? 
I made quite a few started pots from newspapers, but I couldn't keep up. 
I bought some little starter pellets and a few peat pots. If the plants in the pellets look healthy enough to bother with, I will give them a pot later. The poppies above will not be able to be set out into the ground for quite a while. 
 It is amazing that poppies grow from the tiniest of seeds and then winter over for years. I like that in a plant.
I have lots of sweet peas sprouting.
The sweet peas produce more flowers than anyone can pick and smell sweet as we tend the garden. 
The porch doesn't replace the green of Springtime, but we are getting along in GriggsDakota.

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  1. Perhaps you will be rewarded with a wetter planting ground and a longer season...