Monday, April 22, 2013

Martha, I Disagree: Take Your Kids to the Grocery Store

I'm back in the Everyday Food booklet. As you can see on the photo of the cover above, it is 
A Martha Stewart Publication.
It says on the inside cover that Martha is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer. It seems that the Editor in Chief actually puts the piece together. 
On the side bar the editor lists her top five tips for grocery shopping. As a teacher, this type of easy information always catches my eye.
They seemed basic, even simplistic as I read them over.
Until I got to number five. If this tip speaks for itself, I hope it is saying, 
"This is very bad advice!"
 How is a child supposed to learn how to shop at the grocery store, if parents leave them at home? 
Learning how to make choices in life is tricky business and using the grocery store to teach decision making skills is easy and natural. In the process your children will observe their parents making choices.
 There are choices the children can make from an early age: "Apples or Pears?" "Vanilla or Chocolate?" "Red or Brown Potatoes?" The choices are so simple that it is easy to forget what is happening. It is a profound teaching opportunity. 
Now, I am not saying that you need to take a child along every time you shop. Not when the child is tired or hungry. Your convenience and time available are valid considerations. Use discernment.
It is said that most young people don't know what they want. They only know what they don't want. 
As parents, we need to ask ourselves, 
"How does this happen?"
My Tip:  Let your child observe you making choices. Allow children to make simple choices from an early age. Take your child to the grocery store.
That's the word from GriggsDakota.

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  1. Good point- we're a homeschooling family so almost every thing we do seems to become a learning opportunity. Since we started growing our own food I loved that the first thing they picked up on was the food in the grocery store lacked life. -Carole