Wednesday, April 10, 2013

How to: Make Hair Elastic Bands and Buttons into Scarf Holders

I am always trying to find ways to use buttons. I am fascinated with vintage buttons. For this project I chose buttons that either had two holes or a shank on the back.  
You can use either the traditional thinner hair elastic with no metal or the invisible hair band.  
 The elastic is sturdier, but the clear band does not show. If your button has a rough or sharp edge on the shank or hole, you may prefer the elastic, but the clear is easier to use.
Choose buttons. The buttons will not be altered in any way, so can return to the button box whenever you choose. It is fun to experiment. I have an affinity for vintage buttons. The extra buttons that occasionally come with garments might be in a drawer which is where I found the one in the small plastic bag above.
But there is a large variety of new buttons at the fabrics stores and online.
Hold the elastic tight on the fold.  Thread the elastic through the holes or the shank. Both ends of the elastic will be on the back side of the button.
Put one end though the loop created by the other end of the band and pull tight carefully. 
The elastic holds your scarf in place and the button finishes the look.
You now have a stylish scarf holder.
I used a group of three for this scarf.  
It takes a bit of experimenting to find the balance. But buttons hold scarves with a little help from elastic bands in GriggsDakota.

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  1. Great tip my daughter will love this because she wears scarves all the time. Thanks!