Friday, April 19, 2013

Graham Cracker Treats Recipe

I received a booklet of recipes along with the current issue of Martha Stewart's magazine.
 When I noticed the above illustration, it jogged my memory to treats that I used to make for my children. This recipe looks tasty, but takes 40 minutes to make. That is a long time to a child.
Feel free to burst out laughing at any time as you read my recipe. I am not Martha.
GriggsDakota Graham Cracker Treats
You will need a box of graham crackers.
One carton of Cool Whip or One can of frosting, any flavor. 
Fruit of your choice, canned oranges are a GriggsDakota favorite. 
You will need a spoon, if you use Cool Whip. A table knife works well if you use a can of frosting. 
 You will need a can opener, if you choose canned oranges. 
You may need a knife for a banana or other fresh fruit. 
My children first learned to use a knife by cutting bananas with a table knife. Lay a peeled banana on a cutting surface, teach them to cut downward while keeping their fingers away from the blade. The blade isn't very sharp and the banana makes success come easily.
Frozen fruit works well on a hot day, thawed just slightly. 
 Break the graham cracker into squares, top with Cool Whip or Frosting, then fruit. 
You could drizzle these with something exotic, like honey or syrup, but that would be messy.
If the fruit is sour, sprinkle on a little cinnamon sugar.
Simple recipes leave more time for fun and these Graham Cracker Treats are always a hit in GriggsDakota.

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