Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cold Weather, Warm Sunshine

The weather is cold, but the sun is warm, so Butler doesn't mind basking on the deck. 
 The cats were sleeping nearby until they noticed me and decided that they should beg for food. Warm sunshine lets everyone know that this is Spring, although the temperatures remain cold.
 The birds were perched near our feeding station.
There were other birds were flitting in the nearby tree. 
 The guilty party had decided to bask by the bird feeder. He is a fraidy cat and ran away when he realized I was watching him.
Life is feeling a bit more Spring like, although our temperatures are cold. The talk this Spring has been how late the planting will be. Farmer Fred would like to be in the field in three weeks. Some of the old timers think that is too optimistic, considering the weather. There is enough snow around to moisten the soil and give us a good start. 
We will make do with warm sunshine in cold weather of GriggsDakota.

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  1. Very heavy rainfall for 20-minute period between 4:35pm and 4:55pm local time as thunderstorm passed, with estimated winds 35-40mph between 4:35 and 4:40pm.