Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cattle in the Snowy Meadow

 A bit of sunshine, not in the forecast for this morning, was no doubt the inspiration.
 The mud in the yard forced the issue.
It is time to let the cattle into the west meadow. 
Although snow is not standard for late April, the girls were content. 
The adventurous few stood with noses down as they found tasty bits to munch on. 
Most of the girls huddled around the feeding station to eat what Cattleman Jim had left for them. 
I wonder if this old gal remembers or smells something sweet. She is independent. 
 The weather we were expecting blew in suddenly.
This is a typical day in April 2013. 
It has been snowing and mostly cold since October Fourth. 
We haven't had as much snow as many places just to our South. 
 But these photos, taken on April 24, 2013 leave us wondering.
What is down the road in GriggsDakota?

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