Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Beautiful Food is the New Stuff

If you read yesterday's post, you know that I have been digging in the GriggsDakota archives to determine:
Before there was Beautiful Food photos, what was photographed? 
It was determined that while there have always been photos taken of Beautiful Food, most of the food was for special occasions and often it was accompanied in the photo by smiling faces. Food was not the star.
The food preserved by photographers of bygone generations tell us that the food was secondary to the event. 
(fyi: the girl above is not the Farm Inspector, but her mother)
However the question remains:  What else was photographed. Before the era of picture perfect plates, what did people take pictures of? 
My research has yielded discovery.
When on vacation, pictures were taken of scenery. It was considered educational. Although there are a few vacation photos with food, it is never the main focus. But vacations are not the star.
 Photos of flowers, both indoors and out, are common subjects. Outdoor flowers tend to reflect the change of seasons, like Spring blossoms and apples on trees. But they are not the stars.
The weather is documented in the archives, just as it still is in GriggsDakota. 
Some photos in the archives capture the spectacular, like the famous North Dakota Blizzard of 1966. All of these subjects are part of the supporting cast to the star subject, before it was cool to take pictures of your food.
The star of the archives is Beautiful Stuff. 
Stuff in the garage. 
Pretty little Stuff on the shelf, 
And the shelf. 
The shelf from various angles and in various light. 
Many different shelves.
 I'm sure this Beautiful Stuff is stunning in the dark.
 There are photos of projects, which is cool Stuff.
 And the mess it took to get their Beautiful Stuff together.
There are photos of chairs. 
Chair after Beautiful chair.
Sometimes there is Beautiful Stuff in the chair.
Sometimes the chair and the Stuff are hardly noticeable. 
Overall, I have a better understanding of why folks now take endless photos of Beautiful Food around the world and in GriggsDakota. Beautiful Food is the new star.
Beautiful Food is the new Stuff.

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  1. Everyone interprets beautiful in their own eyes. What they want to capture is a moment or a memory of something they enjoyed. In today's economic climate and cookie cutter manufacturing age, the most interesting things mostly come on a plate. I get it but seeing these brings back a time when things were simpler and somewhat better.