Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Beautiful April Winter

 We enjoyed a calm on Saturday.
The cattle enjoyed a bit of sunshine. 
 When the sun hasn't shone in a few days, it is noticeably stronger and warmer as it returns.
 The geese seemed to be discussing the final details of their summer home improvement projects.
It felt as if Spring might be ready to gain ground. 
Until the sunshine left us. 
The snow returned. It is beautiful, but this year is unusual.
It has been relentlessly cold. 
 Our temperatures have been well below average.
We were luckier in that we have had less snow than many areas. 
Many birds have returned and they are confused. There are robins singing in the mornings, but what will they eat? I hope they find seeds and grain.
This snow came with a fierce wind and ice, but we didn't lose power. 
If the geese are not giving up, then neither will we. 
As the snow piles continue to grow in GriggsDakota.

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