Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Beautiful Food is the New Stuff

If you read yesterday's post, you know that I have been digging in the GriggsDakota archives to determine:
Before there was Beautiful Food photos, what was photographed? 
It was determined that while there have always been photos taken of Beautiful Food, most of the food was for special occasions and often it was accompanied in the photo by smiling faces. Food was not the star.
The food preserved by photographers of bygone generations tell us that the food was secondary to the event. 
(fyi: the girl above is not the Farm Inspector, but her mother)
However the question remains:  What else was photographed. Before the era of picture perfect plates, what did people take pictures of? 
My research has yielded discovery.
When on vacation, pictures were taken of scenery. It was considered educational. Although there are a few vacation photos with food, it is never the main focus. But vacations are not the star.
 Photos of flowers, both indoors and out, are common subjects. Outdoor flowers tend to reflect the change of seasons, like Spring blossoms and apples on trees. But they are not the stars.
The weather is documented in the archives, just as it still is in GriggsDakota. 
Some photos in the archives capture the spectacular, like the famous North Dakota Blizzard of 1966. All of these subjects are part of the supporting cast to the star subject, before it was cool to take pictures of your food.
The star of the archives is Beautiful Stuff. 
Stuff in the garage. 
Pretty little Stuff on the shelf, 
And the shelf. 
The shelf from various angles and in various light. 
Many different shelves.
 I'm sure this Beautiful Stuff is stunning in the dark.
 There are photos of projects, which is cool Stuff.
 And the mess it took to get their Beautiful Stuff together.
There are photos of chairs. 
Chair after Beautiful chair.
Sometimes there is Beautiful Stuff in the chair.
Sometimes the chair and the Stuff are hardly noticeable. 
Overall, I have a better understanding of why folks now take endless photos of Beautiful Food around the world and in GriggsDakota. Beautiful Food is the new star.
Beautiful Food is the new Stuff.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Pictures of Beautiful Food and More...

Have you noticed how many pictures are posted of Beautiful Food? People take pictures of their food.
Sometimes it is something that has been made and the photo is posted with a recipe or how to tip. We have become a culture of Beautiful Food aficionados.  
The good life now includes Beautiful Food. 
Almost everyone wants to project the goodness in their life that is reflected by their Beautiful Food.
I take lots of photos of food in Griggs Dakota. The food is growing and in its farm phase, 
which is beautiful. 
It made me stop and think:
What did people take silly photos of before there was all of this emphasis on Beautiful Food?
I studied photos in the GriggsDakota archives to find the answer. 
 The collection tells me that there have always been photos taken of Beautiful Food, usually on a special occasion. It has just been taken to a new level in the computer age.
In the past, photographed food was more about the people at the table.
Photographers attempted to capture the joy of the moment, even when there was Beautiful Food on the plate. 
 There is evidence to support they wanted to be reminded of unique moments during time spent together.
The joy of the moment, rather than the precision of presentation is what makes our Beautiful Food special, no matter what it looks like, I suppose.
So what else were people taking photos of, before the era of Beautiful Food? More on that tomorrow from GriggsDakota.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Breaking Free, Traveling Far

The sun is warming the land, despite refusing to show its shine. 
Our stiff streams are breaking free. 
 They are rushing away, making irresistible music in my winter weary ears.
Across the prairie. 
This water will travel to the Red River of the North. The river will take it across the border into Canada. 
It will rush into Lake Winnipeg and then be moved by the Nelson River into Hudson Bay. 
It's a long cold trip. Along the way there will be soaking and seeping and flooding. Some of the water will not all make it to the destination. The stream  follows the path of least resistance to the lowest point it can access. That is the nature of water as it travels to the ocean.
We are happy the water is once again flowing as that means Spring is on its way to GriggsDakota.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cattle in the Snowy Meadow

 A bit of sunshine, not in the forecast for this morning, was no doubt the inspiration.
 The mud in the yard forced the issue.
It is time to let the cattle into the west meadow. 
Although snow is not standard for late April, the girls were content. 
The adventurous few stood with noses down as they found tasty bits to munch on. 
Most of the girls huddled around the feeding station to eat what Cattleman Jim had left for them. 
I wonder if this old gal remembers or smells something sweet. She is independent. 
 The weather we were expecting blew in suddenly.
This is a typical day in April 2013. 
It has been snowing and mostly cold since October Fourth. 
We haven't had as much snow as many places just to our South. 
 But these photos, taken on April 24, 2013 leave us wondering.
What is down the road in GriggsDakota?