Monday, March 25, 2013

Winter in Spring

 It is Spring 2013 in GriggsDakota!
A year ago, in Spring 2012, we had real Spring weather, but such is life in GriggsDakota.
 We held our 2013 Garden Day on Saturday and served pie.
The auditorium was filled with optimists.
And no one had to stay home and mow the lawn, like they did last year, in 2012 when it was really Spring.
This is the road of Spring 2013. 
Where every single daytime high temperature has been well below normal for a couple of months. 
And yet we know that this very road will lead us to Spring. 
Spring may arrive suddenly, with a rush of warm wind and a gush of cold water. 
Spring may trickle in. My only sure sign of Spring in GriggsDakota is when the record low temperature is above zero Fahrenheit. That doesn't happen until well into April.
This is  the beginning of Spring's trail. 
There are below zero temperatures forecast for next week.
It is Spring, the sun rises and sets at the end of the east - west roads. The daily snowfall has helped hope spring up in our thoughts. 
Perhaps the drought will be over and when Spring takes over, rains will replenish our GriggsDakota soil. 

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