Monday, March 18, 2013

White Weather

 We are enjoying a March Winter.
 The world is fresh and white.
 I was very nearly stuck in the driveway the other day.
That is not something that happens often around here. 
 It has been snowing regularly and when it is not snowing, the wind blows the snow on the ground into drifts.
It keeps the CaseIH 8950 and a driver, usually Jake, busy. 
 Butler makes me smile, he is like the rest of us. We enjoy a day like this.
But a snowdrift in the food dish is a disappointment, even for cheerful old Butler. 
There is no danger of severe flooding in GriggsDakota this Spring. 
So, let it snow. 
And then let the sun turn the snow to diamond dust. 
We clear the areas where we will need to drive. That will help to reduce mud in the farm yard as the snow melts.
 As Grandpa Sonny is fond of saying "We have three beautiful seasons and Mud."  Yes, Spring Mud is getting closer, so we do what we can to prepare.
We will round the corner into Spring Mud soon enough in GriggsDakota.

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