Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Salvage and Scrap

Every piece of equipment in GriggsDakota has a span of usefulness. Often, when that time has passed, the machine is traded and sold. Its use continues, perhaps with some refurbishment, perhaps with less use. 
 When that isn't possible, we proceed with a process of salvage and scrap. That process involves removing the useful parts from the the equipment  and selling the rest for scrap iron. 
Sometimes, we pull a piece of equipment out of the way and remove parts from it as we need it. Sometimes, we haul the scrap to Pete's Salvage as Farmer Fred did a couple of years ago. Other times we haul it to a metal dealer. 
 The old Concord Air Till Drill had reached the end of its useful life as a drill. 
There are useful parts that we can remove and save to use on the newer drills that we still use. 
The old drill was worth less than the sum of its parts. I think that a math rule applies here. 
That math rule, which is always true as I recall, would dictate that the parts would be worth more than the drill as a whole. 
So the guys have been pulling out worn down pins and cutting tired bolts. 
 There are piles of wires, belts, and hoses.
There are shanks, shovels and springs.
 And there is scrap iron.
 It is cut down to fit in our trailer. 
 As I was watching this process, I started thinking that I could find a use for that nice looking grate. It is too heavy to stand on end as a trellis. I guess it is better to let it go.
 There is value in the scrap iron that will be hauled away and sold. 
I could buy a nice new trellis that wouldn't cause harm or damage if it blew over in the winds of GriggsDakota.

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