Thursday, March 14, 2013

Raising Certified Seed Barley

 Yesterday you learned about the North Dakota State Seed Department. In GriggsDakota we raised Lacey Barley as State Certified Seed. 
 I told a little about the beginnings of the seed department in our state. Today it provides an opportunity to raise seed that is certified to be of the highest quality and standard of a particular variety. 
The certification process is explained here. It includes field inspection. 
The idea is that when the seed is sold, the farm that plants the certified seed can be sure that the seed is the variety indicated and is free of weeds and disease.  
 There is a seed analysis report done on the crop after it is harvested and cleaned. It indicated the ability of the seed to sprout. High quality seed improves the chances for a successful crop.
 In GriggsDakota we raise Lacey barley because it is less itchy to humans who work with it than many varieties. It includes many agronomic features that make it desirable for maltsters and farmers.
It is of excellent malting quality, when conditions are right. Malting barley is always the goal when we raise barley unless it is designated for Certified Seed.  
From the field the seed is stored in a bin. Samples are submitted to the State Seed Department for analysis. They charge a fee for this work. The fees charged for their work makes the North Dakota State Seed Department self sustaining. In other words, it does not cost the tax payers of North Dakota money to operate.
They provide us with a report, but also publish the names and contact information of growers who have certified varieties of seed in a booklet each year. A grain grower who is shopping for seed can make contacts and buy seed with assurance that it meets the state standards for quality. 
Once the deal is struck, it is time to load the bushels of barley and deliver it to the buyer. 
Each grain, such as barley, wheat, oats, is easily identifiable with experience.  It is impossible to identify the variety of grain within the species. Although experts could make reasonably accurate educated guesses, it takes science to be certain that this is indeed Lacey Barley, which is what our buyer wants.
The North Dakota Department of Seed provides the paperwork that assures satisfaction with this Lacey Seed Barley from GriggsDakota.

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