Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Listening to Coyotes Howl

It doesn't take a full moon to hear the howl of coyotes in GriggsDakota. We hear them often and nearby. Sometimes the noise inspires Butler, the farm dog, to join in on the chorus. Butler is a pathetic howler, but we haven't told him. 
We have signed permission for a trapper to work the fields of GriggsDakota this Winter for the first time. He has, I am told, been quite successful. Yet, the howl of the coyotes continues.
Jake is a hunter and brought a coyote he had shot by for us to see. The coyote looks like a medium to large size dog.  
The coyotes are predators, that eat what they can find. They are particularly hard on farm cats and kittens who venture into the grass to hunt.   
Their tales are long and fluffy, especially in Winter when their fur is prime.
 There is a market for their pelts which are mostly exported. 
Familiarity emboldens coyotes which have a shy reputation. Jake has found a pair bedded down under machinery in our yard this Winter.   
Now that the calves are coming, we must be even more vigilant in GriggsDakota.

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