Thursday, March 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Power-On Kirsti

Today is Kirsti's birthday. 
Also known as Wounded Bear. 
She has been Daddy's girl from the start. 
Ever Fashionable 
Finder of True Love 
Always standing by her family 
 She is the sweetness in the middle.
Writer of lists, poetry, stories, a blog...well, simply a writer.
The tallest in every group of girls. 
Daddy's girl, little Farmer Fredricka. 
Happy Birthday dear daughter. 
 I hope your cake is fancy.
I hope your beauty routine turns out just right. 
And you design just the right accessories for the day.
I hope you laugh with those you love, even over the phone. 
Birthday greetings Girlie-girl. 
 Send us a photo or two.
You will always be our Daddy's Girl.
Enjoy your lovely Birthday.