Friday, March 15, 2013

Delivering the Barley Seed

 Yesterday the trucks were filled with barley seed for delivery to a farm planning to raise Lacey Barley in the 2013 growing season.
 After the trucks were filled, they were parked in our heated building. It is still Winter in GriggsDakota and important that the trucks operate at peak efficiency. They are kept indoors overnight and above freezing, so the brakes, fluids, and everything else is ready to go this morning. 
 Farmer Fred will drive our hotshot friend Sterling Onyx, loaded and pulling a pup trailer.
Jake will follow in the Semi.
The door is opened and away they go. 
Butler, the farm dog, is sad to see his friends leaving, but this trip is too long for him to enjoy.
 It is reassuring to know Spring is on its way. Seed is being delivered on this cold morning. 
The roads in March are often treacherous in North Dakota. 
 As the temperatures hover near the thawing mark, the snow sticks to the pavement as it blows across the highways in the wind making them slippery. The truck drivers have a long and careful journey ahead.
We hope for safe travels and good yields as certified Lacey Barley Seed rides away from GriggsDakota.

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