Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Concord Air Till Drill

Remember last July when the Men from GriggsDakota Went Shopping? You can visit the post by clicking on the link.
Farmer Fred knew the tide had turned when the young men of GriggsDakota joined the sales force. They believe that this used Concord Air Till Drill would be useful for next season's planting. 
It will surprise no one to see the Concord Air Till Drill in our shop. The Concord is an unconventional drill and the planting process is explained in this link:
Our Workhorse: The Concord Air Till Drill
We are changing out the sweeps in preparation for Spring planting. The sweep is the sharp angled piece between the discs. It is bolted onto the shaft.
Although the sweep is made of hardened steel, it is prone to wear. The soil grinds away at the steel of the sweep as it passes through the field dirt.
There are 48 sweeps to change on the Concord Air Till Drill. We are hoping that by going over it carefully and fixing what is worn out, we will deal with fewer breakdowns as we plant our 2013 crop.
When the weather allows, we plan to be ready to go in GriggsDakota.

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