Thursday, March 21, 2013

CaseIH 485 Hopes to Become a Workhorse

Our Springtime workhorse has been the CaseIH 9280. It has been reliable in a season where that matters very much. When we had it inspected over the Winter, the list of repairs it needed far exceeded its worth. We like the 9280, but it is 21 years old with over 9000 hours of work behind it. 
Getting the crop in as fast as practical and without stopping for breakdowns is important on a farm where weather windows are tight. It was concern over that scenario that led us to find a replacement for our old friend.
 So last week a CaseIH 485 arrived in GriggsDakota. Jake has asked me to make a sign for its window that reads "Jake's Tractor." Since, Robbie has been busy teaching school, coaching basketball and planning his wedding, Jake is hoping to have top priority in the driver's seat.
 Perhaps Jake's sign could be placed in this window, next to the glass where it can cover the cords that run the electronic systems in the tractor cab.
 The CaseIH 485 has wheels that are about six feet in diameter. For the work it will do, we wanted a tractor with wheels rather than tracks.
So, Jake's tractor, I mean the CaseIH 485 is ready to go.
It is already hitched to the Concord Air Till Drill.
And our hope is that it will live up to the legacy left behind by the old CaseIH 9280 in GriggsDakota.


  1. The forth grade wants to know if you bought the 485 from Titan? Some of our fathers work there?

  2. Thank you for your comment, Fourth Graders! The Internet has changed the way farmer shop for equipment. It keeps farmers connected although we live in the country. I am glad that the Fourth Grade Class is learning about farming by visiting our blog on the Internet. Perhaps some of you will find careers in Agriculture.

  3. It is interesting that you guys choose wheels over tracks. Where I'm from- southern Minnesota- we go the opposite way. Especially because we often get wet areas.
    What else affected your choice? I'm interested! :)

    Way to keep it red :) I grew up on CASE my hubby on John Deere- it's a constant battle for us! lol!

  4. Wheels vs. tracks? It's a judgement call. We do have tracks on one of our combine. You can't beat tracks for low slippage and floation. In this case, the 485 will be pulling a 40' Concord drill and 3400 air system, a relatively light load for the tractor. It's a judgment call too on the upkeep of the tracks vs. wheels. What will this cost be on both systems if we keep the tractor out to 9,000 hours or beyond?

    Good question. Good luck on the red vs. green debate. You make us smile. Thanks for following our blog.