Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Snowstorm in GriggsDakota

Through the windshield of the pickup you can see that the wind is howling and blowing the snow that fell overnight. 
We have been hit with a snowstorm. 
 It appears the lake will contain hard water for a while longer.
Our Trees in Straight Lines (Shelter Belts) and buildings help provide shelter from the wind and snow. 
The cattle don't seem to mind being out in the pen.
 Butler was out investigating the situation, as usual.
Our snow fence is doing its job, but the wind is so fierce, that it will not be able to stop the snow from piling up at the bin site. 
Even when the sun began to try to peek through the clouds, the wind kept the snow in the air. The temperature is dropping and expected to sink to -15 degrees Fahrenheit by morning.
Digging out will start in the morning. We have seed soybeans that need to be hauled. Even though Winter is trying to convince us that it will never leave, we continue to work toward Spring in GriggsDakota.

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