Thursday, February 7, 2013

September Farmer Fred Award: We Found A Magic Dragon's Foot

One of the things we most appreciate about life in GriggsDakota is the integration of family and work, and of work and fun. One September day it all came together.
The September Farmer Fred Award is presented to:
"We Found A Magic Dragon's Foot"
Cattleman Jim took the rock nabber out and unearthed  what looked to be a petrified dragon's foot.
In GriggsDakota we think Rocks are like Boogers, but this one held magic. It left a crater the size of a full moon in the field. It is surely a petrified dragon's foot, with toes.
This dragon's foot was too heavy to carry away with the rock nabber, so we had to go home and get a chain to drag it to the trees. 
 You can see by the path that it scraped into the ground that a dragon's foot is extremely heavy.
 We know for sure that this petrified dragon's foot was enchanted, because when we entered the woods it changed.
The dragon's foot became a stage for a visiting artist. 
 I watched a magical dance performance. 
Suddenly she noticed a big bug on the stage and refused to continue until it was removed, by the stage hand.
After that startling development she had the courage to continue and complete her afternoon of entertainment. The show must go on, and so it did on the magical stage on an enchanted September afternoon.
It was exhausting and the artist fell asleep in the pickup on her way home. 
The Ag Analyst makes every day an adventure in GriggsDakota.

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