Friday, February 8, 2013

October Farmer Fred Award Runners Up

There is randomness to giving birth. It would be impossible to completely plan the timing of a baby's birth. Our son was not scheduled to arrive for weeks. In a foretelling of what was to be a theme in his life, he couldn't miss the party. Our youngest son arrived on my birthday.
October's Second Runner Up:
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On a farm with house, grain bins, trucks, and out buildings, there is an endless need for brooms. We have spiders that build nests on the side of the house, cobwebs that close off the doorways in the morning, endless dust, gravel, grain and more to sweep. It was during an online shopping exploration that I decided to build a witches parking lot. The brooms are now in service in practical ways.
 We didn't light the parking lot at night and enjoyed speculating about the many brooms parked at the top of the tree by witches while they took a bath in the lake or other nonsense. If you build one in a tree under a street or yard light, there would be other stories to spin.
The runner up in October:
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