Tuesday, February 12, 2013

November Farmer Fred Award Runners Up

Every citizen that I know loves the Capitol Building. It is a sky scraper in a state with miles of sky and not many scrapers. It suits us. The photos in this post were taken by Farmer Fred's mother. Farmer Fred grew up near Bismarck and rode his bike to Bismarck as a teenager. 
The wide open spaces in Bismarck are gone, but we can remember.
Second Runner Up for November:
The sky, like the weather in GriggsDakota, is full of surprises. Farmer Fred learned a little about meteorology while in college. The weather is extremely difficult to predict with accuracy on the Northern Great Plains, but even an amateur recognizes a mackerel sky and knows what it means.
The November Runner Up is:
If you would like to read the post, follow the link.

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