Friday, February 22, 2013

Mission Complete: Seed Soybeans Are On Their Way

 Although the temperatures have remained wintery, the sun is stronger.
 It reminds us to continue preparing for Spring.
Snow from the bin sites must be moved away to ensure that more snow won't compound the problem as the wind blows 
There are seed soybeans in bins at two bin sites, so Jake patiently cleared the snow away. It is time these beans are taken to an elevator, cleaned and delivered to other farms in anticipation of a new season. 
 Seasons change with a push and in a rush. GriggsDakota has a short growing season, so preparations 2013 are done in the Winter.
It has been so cold this week that some trucks had trouble with their fuel gelling. When number two diesel fuel gets too cold, it turns from liquid to gel, which keeps it from flowing to the engine. The choices are to add a preventative treatment or use number one diesel fuel. 
Some of the driver's had problems, but as usual diligence paid off. The trucks lined up as they waited for their load. 
We use a grain vacuum rather than an auger to move the seed beans. The beans must be kept whole and undamaged in order to sprout. 
They moved the vac from one bin to the next until all the soybean bins were empty. 
As the crew prepares to vacuum the last bin in the cold Winter weather, there is the feeling of accomplishment. The seed soybeans are on the road to Spring planting season as they travel down the road from GriggsDakota.

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  1. Reading your post reminded my how happy I am that I didn't have to haul any grain this winter. Everything is tougher in the winter and slower too. Glad you got the beans out though, since I'll be needing some in a couple of months!