Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hay for the Cattle

Under the blue sky of Summer Cattleman Jim prepared for the Winter by making hay and baling straw wherever we could. 
Now it is paying off. There is plenty of hay in GriggsDakota.
Cattle need to be fed every day. 
Cattle are usually docile as long as they are not too hungry. 
They hear the tractor nearby fetching their hay bales, but the cattle are content to stand by and wait for what they know will be delivered.  Calving has not begun. 
Each day brings us closer to new calves. That will be a sure sign of Spring, in spite of the snow.
Cattleman Jim loads one bale on the front and one on the back, then slowly makes his way back on the snowy trail to the pen.
 There seems to be rejoicing among the girls as the tractor and bales enters their midst. 
Every single day, until the earth turns green in GriggsDakota.

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