Tuesday, February 5, 2013

August Farmer Fred Award: A Barn Once Meant A Farm

This barn and farmstead has also been in our family since homestead. When I was young we visited here nearly every Sunday. We can't keep everything as it once was, but we can preserve the story.
The August Farmer Fred Award is presented to:
"A Barn Once Meant A Farm"
 There was a day when every farm had a barn. The bigger and more grand, the better, it seems to me. Everyone spent time in the barn every day. The barn held the cattle and horses which were a critical part of daily life. It also was home to cats and kittens which were played with endlessly by children.
Time marched on in GriggsDakota, as it did everywhere and the barn emptied out. Cars and tractors replaced horses, hand milking to feed the family was no longer needed. 
This barn, like many barns left unused, fell into disrepair. 
Grandpa Sonny decided that it could still be useful as a machine shed if it was lowered. 
The walls of the barn were removed and the hay mow set on to barn floor. 

The quonset structure that remained put a roof over machinery.
Time continued to march on and the remaining structure deteriorated further. 
While farming is many times a romanticized business, it is in fact a business. Most decisions come down to two practical questions:
 "What is best for the farm?" "What is the most cost effective solution?"
We need to decide what to do with the old barn. While barns are no longer present on every farmstead, every working farm needs machinery storage. Keeping machinery out of rain and snow and protecting it from dusty winds can add years of useful life. 
The shingles need replacing and the walls need work on the old barn.  
Are there happy times ahead for the old barn or will it be a memory in GriggsDakota? 
Tomorrow I will let you know,

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