Friday, January 25, 2013

May Farmer Fred Award Runners Up

May is when we get the first taste of true Spring in GriggsDakota. Though often still cold and windy, May is when the stiffness of Winter moves out. It is a time of new beginnings.
We found a new beginning on this farmstead after a devastating flood in 1997. Thinking about our fresh start is what inspired me to look back and find the names of people who first began their farm on this ground.
The Second Runner Up for May:
Click on the link above the photo to visit this post.

I have done many posts through the years that deal with the domestic side of life on the farm. Farmer Fred does not choose them for awards. I think that we must credit input from the Farm Inspector and the Ag Analyst for this month's choice.
The First Runner Up for May:
Just click on the link above to find what is really the first of a three part series. There are links on the post to connect to them if you wish.

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