Monday, January 21, 2013

March Farmer Fred Award Runners Up

There has been lots of media attention paid to commodity prices in the last year. They have been up and that affects everything, every single day. Farmers and ranchers need profit to keep going. It is important to remember that no farm sells all their commodities at the top market price. 
Farmers are enjoying the chance to invest into their businesses. Older farmers and ranchers have used this opportunity to retire and turn things over to a younger farmer. But overall on the farm, no one trusts a boom.
The March Second Runner up:
You can read the post by clicking on the link above the post.

Farmer Fred has been hanging around in GriggsDakota for a long time, but not for his entire life. He did not grow up here. So when there are posts that provide memories and include some history "before his time," they catch his attention. Farmer Fred never met my dear Grandpa Oscar, but through these posts he had a glimpse into his character. 
The First Runner Up for March is:
You can read the post by clicking on the link.

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