Thursday, January 31, 2013

July Farmer Fred Award Runners Up

My only defense of this post is to say that if you can't be silly, there wouldn't be enough laughter to keep us going. This post made Farmer Fred laugh in the middle of serious work, not all of it pleasant.
The Second Runner Up for July:
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We strive to teach readers about farming in GriggsDakota. One of the ways we do that is working with AdFarm, an International Company that specializes in marketing agricultural products. They rent a piece of ground in GriggsDakota with the intention of learning more about farming. 
As we start the second half of the Farmer Fred Awards it is important to remember that this is a working farm. We like to show you the fun involved, but make no mistake about it. This is serious business. We use big machinery and work in short weather windows to raise a crop in our climate. As farmers everywhere can tell you, it is not a crop until it is harvested and delivered. There is always great rejoicing when harvest begins. 
The July Runner Up:

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