Thursday, January 10, 2013

January Thaw

In January we look for light, after our dark December. 
 There starts to be a morning again, with sunshine when the clouds roll away.
The sun is still very weak as it comes around in the morning. It has no warmth to burn the clouds away. 
 Sometimes the clouds just move away and we have morning light.
The moon was moving around in the sky on a recent morning, as if it would be in charge all day. 
 The sun on the horizon was trying to take over the day.
But in January, it is very slow to rise and take over the sky. 
 Bird nests must be very well made to withstand the winds of winter.
The moon was still hovering above. 
Our snow cover, though minimal, is more than last year. 
Our temperatures, though moderate by average standards, are colder than last year. 
 The frost rising out of the road foretold the  warmth this day would hold.
There would be a welcome January thaw. 
There is a long cold Winter ahead, but this day is hopeful. 
And hope is what keeps us going in GriggsDakota.

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