Monday, January 7, 2013

Hay is Traveling

There must be hungry cattle somewhere. 
Cattleman Jim is loading hay onto a truck in the hay yard. 
 This is new activity in GriggsDakota. We don't usually sell hay.
Last Summer we were allowed to hay our Conservation Reserve Acres.  
We did so knowing that the drought in other areas was causing shortages of forage crops. 
 Cattleman Jim put an ad out and has been busy loading semi truckloads of hay.
Our CRP hay was lush and plentiful, due to an abundance of subsoil moisture in our area. 
 It meant that we have enough hay for our cattle and some to sell.
The bales are placed on the trailer one by one. 
Each bale weighs about 1500 pounds, more or less depending on the type of hay and size.  
Securing the load is important. 
When the load is finished, securely tied down with straps, and flagged, it is ready for the road. 
 We hope this helps a herd of cows make it through the winter.
And we hope the drought loses its grip on the pastures down the road and in GriggsDakota.

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  1. Thanks to places like yours...we can feed our cattle this winter... HUGS from TEXAS!!!