Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Frosty 2013 in GriggsDakota

Happy New Year!
January dawned frosty, as much as December has been. 
When the sky cleared, the wind picked up enough to cause frosty mini snowstorms along the shelter belts. 
This was a day to relish. 
  I loved the new beginning offered by a new year. It is an opportunity to practice optimism.
 The adventure that was promised in a New Year appeals to me.
It is a chance to begin again. 
 A clean slate is a grand opportunity to strike out on a new path.
Or to improve the road you are traveling. 
 New Year's Day 2013 was inspiring to behold.
It threw cold water on my face as the ice crystals blew from the trees. 
"Wake up!" 2013 seemed to call to me. 
Fly high above the labors that would weigh you down. 
 Every mundane object reflected new possibilities.
 Every leafless tree was a sparkling beauty, really, as if it had been frosted with diamond dust.
It was a day of inspiration. 
 The corn stubble is still evident. There is some snow, but not a lot.
 The spill piles have been dug from the snow and eaten by the deer.
 It was a pleasure to imagine what lies ahead as we travel into this year.
 Of course, I am a realist.
I know how things go in this world. 
 But this is not just a beautiful day, it is a new year.
Let's make the most of it. Happy New Year.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful pictures! I really don't like the cold, but it was so clear and sunny I almost wanted to be there!
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    Happy New Year!