Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Road of December

 Life in GriggsDakota includes the road.
We drive miles to get anywhere. 
We haul grain. 
We travel to sporting events. 
We travel to cultural events. 
 The road in Greater Dakota also includes view to the side of the road.
It includes the sky. 
Occasionally it includes pheasants by the side of the road. 
More often, it includes homes and barns. 
We often notice stockpiles of hay. 
We look at the cattle.
Cattle on a snowy stubble field is one of my favorite views off to the side of the road. 
 This December the views have been well coated with frost.
It makes the season bright.
And it makes the afternoon sunset sparkle all across GreaterDakota.


  1. Such wide open space. How far do you have to travel to shop for groceries or schools or doctors?

  2. Anne,
    We're only a mile away from our nearest town. All the "big towns" in ND are about 100 miles apart. Good roads are a blessing. Merry Christmas.